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A Typical Day in Year 5

8.45 – 9.15 Arrival and registration; spelling tasks.

Children arrive in class and hand in their homework diaries, which are signed off; children are then given the opportunity to change their reading books if needs be, and to hand in any letters. The class then work on the year five spellings in accordance with the National Curriculum in a variety of different ways such as independent and paired activities, challenges and games.

9.15 – 10 .45 Maths

Maths is taught in three groups to enable the children to access the curriculum at a level that is suitable for them. For the first half an hour of the Maths lesson, children work on mental math strategies such as multiplication tables, finding fractions of amounts, converting measurements etc. This is a fun session where the children increase their speed of recall and learn the strategies which help them answer questions quickly. 

For the second part of the lesson,the principal focus is to ensure that pupils extend their understanding of number, including place value and the four operations.We strive to make the lessons interactive and enjoyable with well thought-out equipment and resources used to aid learning.

10.45 – 11.00 Break

11.00- 12.30 English

English is taught in two classes.The first half an hour is guided reading, where children read, discuss and analyse a text, completing different activities to expand their reading competence and skills. The second part of the lesson is based around grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary, which are all linked to a particular genre or style. Currently, we are working in accordance with the whole school focus on writing and, as part of this, we are carrying out a range of different writing tasks and activities in English, as well as across other subjects. Furthermore, the children do a ‘Friday Write’ most Fridays, which is an extended, independent piece of writing, and a Purple Book assessment once every half term.

12.30 – 1.20 Lunch

1.20 – 1.45 Registration and assembly

1.45 – 2.00 Handwriting

Along with the rest of the school, year five now spend ten to fifteen minutes daily practising correct letter formation and writing in a cursive style.

2.00 – 3.15 Afternoon lesson

During the afternoon, the children take part in a variety of foundation subject lessons, which are mostly taught by the class teacher but are also taught by other members of staff who can share their own subject expertise with the children. PE lessons take place on Mondays and Tuesdays, when music also takes place; computing and French take place on alternate Wednesdays; science is on a Thursday afternoon; Friday afternoons are topic-based, centred around  history or geography.


In year 5 the children get two pieces of homework a week. 

Monday – English (spellings), which should be completed and returned on Thursday.

Friday – Maths, which needs to be handed in by Tuesday.

We encourage all children to complete and return their homework on time.

Websites which are a good source of reference for our lessons:

http://vcp.e2bn  (crime and punishment)

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