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035The 2014 national curriculum introduces a new subject, computing, which replaces ICT. This has given us the chance to provide an exciting curriculum which centres around opportunities and challenges linked to the technologically rich world in which we live.
Computing looks at how computers and computer systems work, and how they are designed and programmed. Children will be designing and creating their own computer programmes and games. They will be given the opportunity to correct errors in programmes and evaluate their work. Children will be working with a range of digital devices in school to accomplish given goals and present information. They will also be using technology to communicate with others.
Due to 'computing' being a new subject many of the children will be starting from the same point and will be completing similar tasks. We do however expect them to progress at different rates and are prepared to challenge them individually as their confidence grows.

E Safety
043There is a big focus in school on teaching children how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. Technology is such a big part of our lives that this idea must be encouraged at all times, not just in computing lessons. We help children to realise what is and isn't appropriate material and what to do if they see something they are unhappy with. We also help the children to develop an understanding of how to protect themselves online. In school, we have a "turn off and tell" policy where if a child sees something that makes them feel uncomfortable they switch off the computer monitor or device screen and tell an adult immediately. It would be helpful if you could adopt the same policy at home so we can all work together to help the children keep themselves safe.



Useful Links

For some of the links to be accessed, children will need to obtain their log in details and passwords from their class teacher.

Computing Glossary - Computing Curriculum Glossary

Scratch - create and share projects within the scratch community -
Google mail - children's school email account -
CODE – children can access resources linked to coding -
BBC Computing – resources linked to computing -

CEOP- website about children's safety and protection -
Think you know- e safety site for children's use or visit the parent/carer section for advice and a way to report online abuse -
CBBC online safety - information and videos for children -

Other useful links:
Espresso -
Bug Club -
Mathletics -

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