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Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


Narrative (Purple Book Assessment)

Book study–Tom’s Midnight Garden(3 weeks)

Autobiographies(3 weeks)

Recount (Purple Book Assessment )

Recounts (3 weeks – Crime and Punishment)

Letters (2 weeks)

Performance Poetry (1 week)


Description (Purple Book Assessment)

Black ships before Troy (2 weeks)

Book study – Kensuke’s Kingdom (3 weeks)

Persuasion (Purple Book Assessment)

Fire maker’s daughter (3 weeks)

Chronological report (3 weeks)

End of year assessment

Non – Chronological Reports


Revision block.

Report (Purple Book Assessment)

Book study - Morpurgo




Place value and negative numbers


Mental addition and subtraction


PLace value and addition of decimals


Co-ordinates and graphs


Mental multiplication and division; written multiplication




 Fractions, decimals and word problems


Written division; multiplying fractions


Place value and subtraction


Number, place value and written subtraction


Mental and written Multiplication and division

 Number and place value


Multiplication, division and percentages


Angles and polygons


Fractions and subtraction


Multiplication and division


Written Multiplication

 Measure, data and time


Place value and subtraction


Written multiplication and multiplication of fractions


Revision of calculations


Living things and their habitats

Earth and Space

Properties and changes of materials


Animals including humans

Sex education










Crime and Punishment

Ancient Greece



Ancient Greece - Olympics





Comparative study

Local enquiry



  • Encourage accurate drawings of whole people, building on work of facial features, with a focus on proportion
  • Use tones of the same colour to add tone
  • Work on drawing on a variety of scales
  • Use a variety of techniques to interpret the texture of a surface
  • Introduce the concept of perspective
  • Independently select materials and techniques to use to create a specific outcome


  • Experiments with creating mood, feeling, movement and areas of interest
  • Selects and uses materials to achieve a specific outcome
  • Combines with a variety of techniques i.e. painting, printing etc

Uses the natural environment or townscape as a stimulus to create own work

  • Interpret environmental and man-made patterns and form
  • Design prints for fabrics, book covers or wall paper
  • Use impressed printing processes i.e. lino or foam squares, foil etc
  • Discuss and evaluate own work in relation to others
  • Use printing to recreate the natural environment
  • Explores colour mixing through printing, using two colours and a variety of materials


  • Experiments with a variety of tools to create pattern and texture
  • Look at how to bond/attach pieces of clay
  • Recreates 2D images in a 3D piece
  • Looks at 3D work from a variety of cultures and genres and develops own response
  • Makes imaginative use of the material and the knowledge and tools they have used


Digital art

Artist study





Functional products


















Invasion Games

Health and fitness

Tag Rugby



Topic links

Striking and fielding






Un classe

Mon Corps

Les animaux

Ma famille

Bon anniversaire








End of Topic Piece

Non – Chronological report (Volcanoes)

Recount (Crime and Punishment)


Chronological report (Forces)

Non – Chronological report (Local Enquiry)



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