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  • The new national curriculum will be assessed for the first time in May 2016
  • Test outcomes will no longer be reported using levels. Scaled scores will be used instead.
  • There will be 1 set of tests for each subject. They will include a small number of questions designed to assess the most able pupils, so separate tests are no longer required.
  • An arithmetic test now replaces the mental mathematics test.
  • Schools may consider entering pupils for some, or all of the tests, early. Where a pupil does not take all of the tests early, they may take the other tests in future years
  • The biennial science sampling tests will take place in June 2016. Tests will be administered in selected schools by external administrators. Participation is statutory for schools selected to take part.
  • Schools (except participating independent schools) don’t need to order standard materials as orders will be based on autumn census data.
  •                   2016 sample test materials are available on 

Key Stage 2 (end of primary school) results 2016

Attainment School Cluster Average National

KS2 Reading, Writing and Maths

% expected standard

47% 44% 53%
KS2 Reading, Writing and Maths % Higher standard 3% 6% 5%
Progress School Cluster Average National
KS2 Reading progress overall -1.30 -1.34 -0.50
KS2 Writing progress overall 2.50 2.11 0.60

KS2 Maths

progress overall

0.30 -1.73 -1.60

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