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28 Jun 2017
03:30PM -
Parents' Evening
10 Jul 2017
Horstead - YR4
11 Jul 2017
Derbyshire - YR6
15 Jul 2017
Derbyshire - YR6
18 Jul 2017
DT & Art/Healthy Living Day Day
19 Jul 2017
Derbyshire - YR6
19 Jul 2017
RE Day
20 Jul 2017
09:15AM -
Summer Concert
23 Jul 2017
Derbyshire - YR6

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Award - winning author Billy Bob Buttons

Award-winning and best selling author, Billy Bob Buttons, visited Edward Worlledge Primary school this week to talk to the children in upper school about creative writing ....... and how to get started with it! Having written thirteen children's novels including the Felicity Brady and the Wizard's Bookshop, the much loved The Gullfoss Legends, the hysterical Muffin Monster and the UK People's Book Prize winner, 'I Think I Murdered Miss' the children were enlightened and entertained with his books and his writing.
The children were also given the opportunity to pose questions to Billy and have their books signed by him too.

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