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“To develop the 'whole' child they must be exposed to a wide-ranging promotion of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development"


At Edward Worlledge Primary school we strive to include PSHE into all subjects to create a broad and balanced Curriculum which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school. We endeavour to equip the children with the vision to succeed and be a positive member of their community and British society. It is the aim of the school to develop responsible children who have aspirations and goals and seek out opportunities, through their time at Edward Worlledge, but also experiences in later life.


PSHE is a fundamental part of the school and dedicated days are organised to ensure the whole school becomes engrossed and enthusiastic about the topics they are being taught and a whole school ethos is developed. The topics the children cover include, Drugs and Alcohol awareness, Safeguarding (including cyber safety) Healthy living, Anti- bullying and Sex and Relationships education. Each topic has been planned to ensure the children's knowledge of the topic progress, at a suitable level for their age.


At Edward Worlledge we believe school is about far more than learning the curriculum. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development is the term used to embrace this whole school ethos in order to develop the 'whole' child. It ranges from teaching in RE, science, literacy and history, through to MFL.

A wide range of extra-curricular activities are organised, such as aspirations day,visitors and the residential trips we offer all our pupils. PSHE is present across the entire curriculum.

  PSHE DAYS SMCS class focus
Autumn 1 New beginnings day
  • Developing   rules and expectations for behaviour
  • Class democracy
  • Developing   responsibility
  • Understanding   reward and sanction (law)
Autumn 2

Anti – bullying


  • Understanding   other cultures
  • Respecting our   differences
  • Developing   respect for self and others
Spring 1 Drugs and alcohol day
  • Developing self   esteem
  • Supporting and   encouraging others
Spring 2 Safeguarding day
  • How to stay   safe in the community
  • How to make   your community positive
  • Being a   positive role model in the community
Summer 1 Aspirations day
  • Raising   aspirations
  • Setting   personal goals
  • Financial   wellbieng
Summer 2 Healthy Living day
  • Getting ready   for transition
  • Our   expectations for the future
  • Reaching our   goals


PSHE will be embedded through cross curricular activities through SMCS. However PSHE days will occur each term to cover areas in more depth. These topics are felt to be important for the positive development of our children. A half termly theme for the classroom has also be devised. This could be developed in registration times or in short sessions/ lessons throughout that half term.


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