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Jewellery of any sort can be dangerous in playgrounds and during P.E. and must not be worn at school. Pupils with pierced ear lobes may wear only one pair of stud earrings to attend school and even these, along with wrist watches, must be removed during P.E. and other lessons involving physical activity or when the teacher considers them to present a hazard.


No jewellery may be worn in or on any part of the body (excluding ear lobes) which may or may not have been pierced.

All valuables brought to school remain the responsibility of the child who brings them. Neither the school nor the L.A. will accept any responsibility for loss or damage.  However, if asked, class teachers will lock valuables away for safe keeping during the day.


If a pupil brings a mobile phone to school it must be handed in at the school office straight after morning registration.

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